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The Gateway to the Metaverse

S01 makes it easy to join various metaverse activities across various blockchains. We make the acquisition and monetisation of NFTs easier and more transparent.

Metaverse NFTs

Earn S01 tokens by participating in various games and spend, save or earn even more!

Gaming Guild

Directly enter various metaverses and start playing to earn!


Find new and exciting NFT and game projects. Build your own metaverse gaming team.


Directly trade earn and acquire new NFT assets with a variety of cryptocurrencies.

About Us

S01 Features

Decentralised Protocol

Completely trustless applications for the metaverse. Earn without fear.

Yield-Generating NFTs

A passive income generated from S01 gamers that enter the metaverse.

Binance Smart Chain

Blazing-fast transactions and low fee cryptocurrency on the Binance blockchain.

Metaverse Access Token

A cryptocurrency designed to be used across various metaverse blockchains.

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Genesis Nodes

A passive income generative node directly tied to metaverse earnings.


Genesis Nodes

$ 0

Starting Price


SYSTEM 01 ($S01)

A timeless cryptocurrency

The S01 cryptocurrency has been designed to incorporate the increasingly amount of GameFi tokens being launched. A single aggregator token that will be used to purchase metaverse assets across different chains.

The ecosystem cryptocurrency

S01 Token


HODL and earn awesome rewards in the form of metaverse NFTs, GameFi tokens and early access to games.


The S01 token is deflationary so it's value grows over time. Buy back and burn up to 50%.

Universal Currency

The token of choice for metaverse games, creators and guilds to earn, spend and create new NFTs.

Binance Smart Chain dApp

Are you a creator or a gaming guild?

Build and connect with other metaverse asset owners, access new token projects or simply engage with us to find the best games and projects.

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