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s01 NFT Launcher

Discover, collect, & sell exclusive NFTs

The finest collection of NFT’s across Ethereum, BSC and Solana. 

Neon Cyborg NFTx
0.05 ETH
Energi Dragon
0.05 ETH

Rare 1/52

Sigma Monkeys
Neon Cube NFT
NFT drops

An NFT Launchpad and Incubation Marketplace

Easily buy, sell and trade a variety of NFT’s from our hand-picked list of creators and game projects. Find creators and artists to work with.

Set up your Wallet

Create a metamask or Phantom wallet and connect to our portal

Purchase and Trade NTFs

Participate in exclusive NFT drops and whitelisting events 

Create and sell NFT Collections

Launch your own algorithmically generated NFT set on marketplaces

Discover rare digital
Art & collect NFTs

We collect and curate the most exclusive and new NFT drops on the market for our community.

Art #1 NFTx
Art #2 NFTx
Art #3 NFTx
Art #4 NFTx
Art #5 NFTx
Art #6 NFTx
Art #7 NFTx
Art #8 NFTx
Art #9 NFTx
Art #10 NFTx


Metaverse Game and Artist NFT

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Access exclusive NFT Drops and Whitelists

We provide weekly coverage of the top metaverse projects across OpenSea and other marketplaces.

Our Partners

S01 x Metaverse

We list and partner with only the top metaverse exchanges and marketplaces. 


S01 NFT Marketplace Roadmap

The S01 ( marketplace will release a suite of features and drops over time that S01 token holders can access

Q2, 2022

Official Launch

First NFT featured projects to be launched on our platform in addition to fully functional minting dApp

Q3, 2022

S01 Token Integration

There will be a fully functional NFT minting website for the S01 token holders. These include game projects and NFT projects from our top artists and communities

Q4, 2022

Launchpad Release

The launchpad allows creators and game developers to easily launch and list their projects on marketplaces such as Opensea and Magic Eden quickly and easily

Q1, 2023

NFT 2.0

A fully functional NFT marketplace and incubation service including launcher, staking and more


Popular Questions

Are you new to NFT’s? Don’t know where to start? 

We’re building on of Asia’s premier NFT communities and the earliest supporters will always be rewarded.

Here we answer some of the most common questions about NFT’s and the S01 platform.

The S01 team offers a number of ways for you to get your project out there. We provide launch services, development services and the entire suite including art design and generation. You can just provide the idea and capital.

We recommend starting with the OpenSea or Magic Eden marketplaces specifically on Ethereum and/or Solana. These two blockchains feature the highest quality projects and we can help you get there.

There are a variety of ways you can participate in the NFT gold rush. We provide the tools and pickaxes for those who are traders, creators or simply art collectors.

We will be releasing our platform very soon which will allow you to upload your art and get listed on multiple marketplaces. We also provide NFT Minting website services.

We recommend following S01 on Twitter, Discord and Telegram to begin with. There, you will find a ton of information on the best projects, NFT mints and whitelist in the space.

Arts Collection
Neon Collection
Our Collections

Find High Quality NFT Projects

We are experts in finding the highest quality projects that have moon potential. Our founding team are NFT collectors and own metaverse assets in games such as Axie Infinity and Pegaxy.