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Token Name: System 01

Introduction to System 01 (S01)

The System 01 Token (S01) is a BEP-20 traded digital asset used for multi-chain NFT projects and to boost the ecosystem. S01 holders will have access to a variety of benefits including minting of new NFTs, NFT airdrops and the ability to launch NFT projects quickly and easily. Apart from access to metaverse NFT projects, S01 holders will eventually have access to sustainable DeFi protocols and early stage token-launches. S01 will also be launching S Marketplace and S Launcher.

Token Information

Token Name: System 01 Token
Token Symbol: S01

Maximum Supply: 21,000,000,000 (21 Billion)
Initial Market Cap: $1,050,000

Token Type: BEP20
Token Contract:

System 01 ($S01)


Binance Smart Chain

Blazing fast transfers and low fees powered by Binance Smart Chain

Fair Launch

Ownership Renounced and token launched on a variety of launchpads

Proof of Stake

Users can stake to secure the network and be rewarded with a variety of NFTs

Multi Chain

S01 will be ported on to various blockchains including Solana, Ethereum and Polygon

NFT Access

Access a full suite of products, game scholarship contracts and more


S01 tokens will remain as the primary token for a range of NFT and game projects in the metaverse

S01 Tokenomics

Token Name: System 01


The Data is Not Available

S01 Token Distribution

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